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  • SAP Concur tasked Copper with creating a year-long B2B demand generation campaign that would use direct mail, emails, CPL banners, social posts, social videos, and high-value mailers to cut through competitor noise across North America.
  • Equally important, the campaign needed to build excitement and engagement amongst SAP Concur sales teams.
  • At the heart of the campaign was the catchy slogan, “Let’s automate that”, which delivered a partnership-based invitation to prospects.
  • The campaign also used fun “finance hacks” to grab attention and reflect common spend management paint points.
  • The campaign was guided by an updated brand capsule and buyer journey strategy developed by Copper as part of a larger strategic project.
  • What is also unique about this campaign was the internal rollout with employees across SAP Concur’s U.K., Australia, France, and North American regions – a first for SAP Concur.
  • The internal rollout featured a timed series of pre-launch tactics, including a playful campaign video featuring employees sharing their own finance hacks, an internal employee contest with “Let’s Automate That” hats as prizes, plus an internal SharePoint site providing sales with access to sales nurture email templates, social cards, and other campaign assets.